Friday 28 April 2023

Rally - Information sought

The text for the 1980-1989 volume of the book on the history of the Scottish Rally Championship is just about finished. It features a short report on every round of the Championship with Top Ten results and Class winners from each event and Championship tables at the end of each season. At the moment the word counts is in excess of 81,000 and there are a couple of wee stories still to add.

However, I’m looking for some information to complete this. I need the Class winners for the 1980 Andrews Heat for Hire Rally (Sept 4/5) and the Class 1 and 2 winners (I’ve got Class 3 and 4 winners) of the D&A Arbroath Stages Rally in October. I also need to know who won Class 1 on the Trossachs in October that year.

If anyone has a set of results from any/all of these events that would be most helpful, even if you have an Entry List from these events that would give me a good start as well. By the way, trophies are another good source of such info. If you have any old trophies from parents/grandparents day they always show the event and date and what the prize was awarded for.

So if you can help with any of these drop me a line or get in touch.

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