Saturday 18 February 2023

Rally - Odd, Very Odd

I had been looking forward to attending the official opening of the 2023 Scottish special stage rally season at Knockhill’s Grant Construction Stages Rally (Sunday 19th Feb), purely as a spectator of course, but it looks as though I will have to miss out due to a heavy cold and rasping, chesty cough. And that’s the odd thing. In the past I don’t think I ever missed a rally on which I was due to report through illness, but now I simply don’t HAVE to attend an event if I don’t want to. A most unusual feeling.

Not that I’m idle, I’m still sorting through photographs and negatives. Thousands of the bluidy rascals. Having to select those which will make it, those which might make it, those which might not make it and those which definitely won’t make it into the book.

The trouble is, it’s so easy to get lost in the nostalgia of it all, rather than concentrating on appropriate and suitable content.

The three photos attached highlight the problems. For a medical man, the ‘Flying Doctor’s’ choice of morning breakfast leaves a lot to be desired – a well-fired roll with burnt bacon while ‘Dastardly Dougie’ was obviously seeking a medical opinion when he stuck out his tongue! And as for the third pic, fashions have obviously changed in the past forty years, so is it safe to publish pics from back in the day when those very same, but somewhat more mature personalities may object to seeing them in print today?

On the other hand there are other photos which bring a lump to the throat!

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