Wednesday 23 November 2022

Rally - Sorely tempted

Bought and built for three and a half grand! ... When the double Zero car running ahead of last weekend's Scottish Borders Hill Rally broke down on the first loop of stages, the Sweeper car was called in to action. Instead of running at the back it was first on the road, so I had a look.

This 2003 Land Rover Freelander with its 'K' series engine was acquired, a bolt-in cage bought and fitted, plus two new seats and harnesses - all for £3,500.

This being a 'production car' second hand seats and belts could have been used, but the two lads went for brand new. Even so, I was assured that was the total spend. Now they have a car that can contest Competition Safaris and Hill Rallies in the Production  Car class and is still perfectly road legal for clubbie navigational rallies and Targa events.

They also fitted a sumpguard but haven't beefed up the suspension points or anything else and the wee car performed faultlessly - and they both had a ball.

Now that's what I call budget motor sport.


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