Saturday, 27 August 2016

Scottish Rally Scene

If you've finished your special copy of 'Motorsport News' and the latest 'Truck & Driver' mag here's another excuse to burn the bedside light. Bob Irvine's latest tome is now available, so look out for it.

I don't know what Bob is on, but I hear that Red Bull has reported him to the International Olympic Committee drugs laboratory as having an unfair advantage over other 'energy providers' when it comes to expending work and effort. Each issue is quite simply a triumph of graft, goodwill and determination.

Inside the new issue are reports and pics from the RSAC Scottish, Summer Stages, Solway Coast and Mach 1 plus other interviews and articles. But here's the thing, what's a report from the Safari and Ypres doing in a magazine called 'Scottish Rally Scene'? You'll have to buy it to find out. It's only 4 quid a copy and it's available on Ebay or through Bob on Facebook at:

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